Red Bull and TED

Call them my two great examples of THPL in action. Surprised?….not the most likely of pairings?  Dig a bit deeper and you will come to know what I have - over the past year of watching videos from both sources I find that there are more brand similarities than not.

By reputation TED has become a channel for the delivery of thoughtful, interesting and insightful content from a selection of remarkable people from around the world who are doing amazing things. And by reputation Red Bull is seen as an edgy, “dangerous”, and epic.  And they have enough wild and crazy YouTube videos to prove it.  But that is where the differences end and the similarities come into view.  They both have an authenticity that is clear and understood and they both use storytelling to give the viewer something to relate to.  In their own way each video is a “miniature” story, a vignette, which pulls us in and holds us till the story has been told.  In so doing, both create something for viewers to relate and connect to.  Most times the videos have an aspirational and inspirational theme to them.   And they cover two of the most desirous of emotions that a THPL practitioner wants to feel.  Challenge and Exhilaration, both creating that strong emotional connection. And with this effect you get a real sense of purpose.  That is because both formats show you what is real – we can relate to “real” and we can use it as our way to see what is possible and from there set our own goals, our own objectives, our own true push to have THPL. 

And lest we leave this topic short of fulfilled it is important to note that both Red Bull and TED started with seriously aspirational missions.  They want to share their stories, the one’s that they have sponsored and curated (and created) so that we learn by example how you do awesome things.  The THPL community revels in the ability to enable our journey by showing what is possible and then challenging each other to individualize it and then take it to the next level.  Are you ready for another TED or Red Bull video?  I certainly am!

Loving life and hooked on Red Bull (and yes TED)