reinventing the wheel....almost

The zipper was invented in 1893 and it has remained the same, or essentially the same since then.  Maybe it is because it works so well?  Or maybe because we could not figure out a better way to make one.  But as we know in THPL, over time everything improves – you just have to stick with it for a bit longer than the rest of the people around you and the innovation / improvement comes to you.  At Under Amour, the leadership team has been unsatisfied with the design of the zipper for quite some time.  In the harsh conditions that their gear gets used it is ever more frustrating to have, the zipper, and the center of many a garment, be based on a 120+ year old design. 

Under Amour has introduced MagZip and it appears that they have indeed improved upon the “wheel”.  They have designed a zipper to be used by one hand and it will work easily avoiding the usual “getting stuck” on the way up (or down).  The way it works is by incorporating small magnets into the box and pin assembly making it easier to align the two and to pull the zipper up (innovative for sure).  And as we know, good and functional gear can be the difference between success and failure in an intense athletic endeavors.  We are going to have to wait another month or so to give the new zipper a try when it is released to the public.  It looks like it will be worth the wait!

Loving life and soon to be doing so one-handed