Repetition – a simple concept yet it produces a profound result.  Yes, THPL is predicated on our ability to do repetition.  Repetition – the process of doing something over and over again. What makes us better than repeating an activity?  The difference between high performance and normal performance is a willingness to do the task so many times that it requires no thinking.  Sometimes we call it muscle memory, we train our system to do the action.  Whether it be a math problem, solving the Rubik’s cube, climbing a hard route or shooting a basketball, we have to practice enough –actually so much that the motion becomes normalized.  The issue for most of us, though, is that we get bored with repetition.  THPL challenges us to think about repetition not as boredom but rather as enabler – it is how we get better and since we all want to improve we need to celebrate the ability to repeat.  When you breakthrough this mental barrier you have set yourself apart from many who you might think of as competition.  Your willingness to repeat will be the difference maker on your THPL journey and you will know you are there when you celebrate being able to do something again and again. 

Think of who you know personally or have read about in the arts, music, sports or entertainment who is great at what they do and you will find someone who mastered repetition more than anyone else.

And so here is how the road map to repetition flows …..It starts as new and frightening,  once accomplished,  it peaks interest, a few more attempts and it then becomes normalizerd and then to achieve more you repeat the process again and again

Repetition…  The cousin to addiction (the good kind).

Off to practice, writing, running and watching Ted videos  

Loving life again and again and again