Reporting from Miami Beach

Reporting from Miami Beach, FL, yes indeed I made it here!  My drive to NY strategy worked like a charm. Got to Laguardia in time for my flight at 7 am and left the cold behind for 75 degree weather, it is 73 degrees outside even now.  Love this strategy - run away from the cold so that I can run in the warm.  If weather is the measure of anything this place wins this time hands down.  And now I am ready to run in the Miami Marathon.  All of those training hours logged for the opportunity to get out and race for 26.2 - not just a fun run - tomorrow is for a PB - everyday we get the chance to shoot for a Personal Best.  Tomorrow for me my chance for a PB is in the marathon but each day we have an opportunity to set a PB - to do better than we have before but not just in racing.  Yes we are chasing seconds with Sally to get a PB - But I challenge you to think more broadly.  What result can you produce next week that you would consider a personal best?  

Maybe you volunteered more hours, maybe you asked better questions in a meeting, maybe you wrote a better sales plan or maybe you just treated others better - you opened more doors, said thank you more, you just smiled more. The specifics do not matter - what matters is you set a goal, you practiced and then you achieved it.  We will all be better for it if even just the people copied on this note all set PB’s in the next week - in any category.  I would love to hear about a few of them.  Enjoy the process I am sure you will love it and the result.

My daily report -  Made it to 2:47 (minutes) - rest 30 - then took it to the end - and 148 push ups for good measure.  

You didn’t think I would take off today because of the race tomorrow?  Did you?  (LOL)

I can say for certain the following statement (purely based on the weather)

I am loving life, that’s all!