One Perfect Ice CreamTHPL tells us that we should live life Large – Yes, it is all about Life, Learning and Fitness.  And a key part of living this gift of THPL is to seek out trade, custom and product that is particular to a locale.  In this case Richardson’s creamery (25 miles northeast of Boston)  fits the bill to a tee. In 1695 David Richardson started Richardson’s farm, as it is known today, and they have been milking cows on the property for the past 300 + years. In 1952 they took a batch of their milk and made their first batch of ice cream – and the ice cream stand still operates as it did 50 years ago.  And leveraging  such tradition and a good hot and sultry summer evening we made the annual summer trek over to Middleton MA to have our favorite flavor of ice cream.  The lines were normal (long) as usual and it just seemed that all of the customers were happy to be treating themselves at an icon of our country’s history.  They never let anyone down, that is for sure.

 When you have the chance you should look for places like Richardson’s, either on your next road trip or in your local town.  Visiting them brings with them a part of American history and great local product.  It is a blend that fits within THPL and shows that living life can and should be a pleasure. 

Loving life with a spoon in my hand