I often think that there are two ways of looking at the same challenge – either you believe in it and you stay committed and connected or you do not believe in the mission and purpose of the challenge and you infrequently and inconsistently find the time to do the challenge.  And so, the question that many from THPL community are often heard discussing is how can I bring the essence and feeling associated with the interest that I have for one challenge to the lack of sustainable interest I have for another one. 

The question put back to all of us, then, is, can we only do things on a sustainable basis that are “of interest”. Seems to me that if that was the case then we would be doing very little and accomplishing even less.  No, I think what happens is that when you strip out the 10% of things that happen regardless of any extraneous complication and you look at the remainder you actually just fail to follow a good and thoughtful process that would keep you on track.  And rather than try to answer the question why? We should just ask ourselves the question how?  The How is answered simply by building routine into what we do and applying the same principles that we use for both easy and hard challenges (eg,  develop goals, measures, and plans for doing the work).  The “secret sauce” that brings it to life is to keep the interval of accountability short. The more often you do something the higher the probability of success – this is mostly attributable to the fact that the body and mind are momentum machines – once you get them going they do not stop easily (yes this is why habits form) and they since the start up time is minimized the energy required to keep going is less.  So, in fact, what you are doing is making it easier on yourself to do that which you know needs to be done.  For THPL community this kind of thinking is executed on a daily basis, without much thought. And so it goes that you just need to do what you already know how to do.  Start with the Dream, then Plan it, Practice it and Do it.  Add routine and frequency and before you now it the 10% creeps up and you are doing more like 90% on a regular basis…..and then your life is just fundamentally different.  Give it a go and you will be amazed at how much less energy is required, how much more gets done and how much more satisfied you are

Loving Life, for sure