Sally Came Back for a Visit

If you are like me, it is clear that that the decision to pursue THPL creates a set of choices that need to be reconciled every day.  Primarily it is around how we use our time to accomplish all that we want to / need to do in our pursuit to perform better in Life, Learning and Fitness.  And as we are making choices sometimes, that which was central to our life for a while, becomes less of a priority.  Still important but less of a focus.  It could be a diet that you were on, an exercise partner with whom you spent many a workout with or a great book that you were reading. 

Then without warning you find yourself wanting to go back to that place that you spent a lot of time.  Maybe it is the familiarity that comes from repeating one of your old habits or just a reminder of what you received from executing well.  And so it was tonight.  Sally came to visit and I found my way to the end of the song.  I am thrilled she is here and I am engaged.  I have a feeling that she might stay for a while and if this is the case then my pushup challenge will be back front and center, and something else will fall out of the mix.  But upon reflection, it appears that this is indeed the way of THPL. Focus and execution – that is what it is and with a dear old friend it gets even better – Sally, thanks for that!

Loving life, and Sally