See it in Others

THPL is about community as much as it is about individual performance.  We can, and do, drive ourselves to achieve more than we thought possible.  And this we need to celebrate and be proud of.  But if we are not careful we can get caught up solely in our own individual performance at the expense of our THPL community.  Our goals and results can make us lose focus on a key element of the THPL community and that is seeing greatness in others.   

We all have the ability to celebrate others, to mentor them, to help them and encourage them on their THPL journey.  We can support others in so many ways, by example, coaching, story telling, watching – the technique and approach are open for us to decide.  What is important is that we look for and see the greatness in others.  Help bring it out of them.  Give them a true sense of recognition, of belonging, and belief in them - do this and their THPL journey will be more certain and more rewarding.  Of course once you see greatness in others it all comes together.  They benefit, you benefit and the THPL community gets stronger and stronger.  Give it a try, it is worth it for sure.

Loving life while seeing greatness in others.