Seek out discovery, mystery, intrigue and learning.

For those of you keeping score at home I added four more Ted videos to my log – I was once again impressed with the content, speakers and insights.  So, I started writing about the magnificent development in Qatar over the past 40 years and  the universal translator that is going to enable global improvements in surgery and the Pep Talk (you have to check this one out). But, mid-way through, I realized that it was Friday night, Really? No way it could it be Friday.  Friday?  Where did the week go?  And what  was I doing late on a Friday night running on a treadmill, watching “lectures” – what happened to TGIF?  I am sure there are a few readers of this Blog who could appropriately be accused of  counting down the days till Friday – these count downs revolved around  what bar everyone would meet at, who else was coming and how much ……… would be consumed.  The rules were simple and the mission obvious.  And I think that those times should be enjoyed by all  - but - the challenge we should accept is that TGIF cannot be all we do, nor how we think – we have to do more than invest in hour after hour of one direction entertainment and I suggest (after seeing more Ted videos, which by the way cannot be found in the local Rosie O’Grady’s) we have to seek out  discovery, mystery, intrigue and maybe even some learning.  Now, yes, you can say this new found perspective is driven by age, low T, conservatism, or lack of cash  J but I think not – I think that in fact Robert Frost was right “we need to seek the road less travelled”  Resist the pull from those lacking imagination to be dragged to a place you really do not want to be.  Push hard to traverse the road where you have to break trail, where you feel something with each step.  Along the way keep your eyes wide open, soak it in, study it and feel it.  What you will find is a deep level of satisfaction having completed this leg of your travel and your journey.  I was once told; that which feels hard tonight feels way better the next morning.  It is this feeling that we need to chase.  Cause when you catch it you will want to keep it close by as it will be your ticket to loving life.  

Late night tonight – day five – sloppy but got to the end of the dance with Sally.  Slipped a little on the pushups – 163 tonight.  As I was catching my breath I starting thinking I wonder if Moby thinks that people like us are out here doing pushups to his song.  So, like every good digital American I went to Google to find out.  You should check it our yourself – but just in case you do not there are three things to report:

1. The song’s lyrics had me fooled – I thought the line in the song was “Bring Sally up / Bring Sally Down” – silly boy that I am I found out that the line in the song is actually “Green Sally Up / Green Sally Down” – now I dare not ask who knew this – I can tell you for certain that I did not know the word was Green!

2. The lyrics refers to the song’s performance activity – the performers squat down and then stand back up – sound familiar?  Now, don’t get any ideas about making this challenge easier

3. This is not an original Moby song – it is thought to be a 19th century (maybe African American) children’s game song.  Who would have figure that!

Have a great weekend

Loving life, that’s all