Share and Suggest

The path to higher performance requires that we set a goal, establish a plan, and then practice and practice and practice.  Truth be told, though, that if this approach is done in a vacuum – that is without the benefit of a community of people who have a similar area of interest  - then it is likely that you would reach a plateau or it would take a longer, than necessary, to get to the next level of performance.  The reason is that there is a level of knowledge and insight required to improve one’s performance and this knowledge and insight takes time and experience and many iterations to amass.  It takes trial and effort, failure and success, to establish heuristics to achieve better performance.  The good news is that once the insights are “discovered”  they can be shared and leveraged and used by all practitioners to improve their performance.  That is if we put the effort into sharing them.  And with it the big opportunity to improve performance more rapidly for more people more easily.

Being part of the THPL community the challenge then is for each of us to make a concerted effort to “share and suggest” to others in our community of interest what you have learned and know to be of value in improving performance.  You become a curator of sorts, an editor culling from large quantities of information the true insights that make a difference. You intrinsically know some of them – and all you have to think about is how you can make it so that you are compelled to share and suggest.  The best part of this process is that when you do this you are making others better at what they do and there really is no greater reward on the THPL journey. 

P.S. - Maybe we can create a mid-year goal to share one of our best insights and do it multiple times.  Think of how great it would be if we all did this and then did it again and again and again.  Yes, we would be taking THPL to the next level.

Loving life, sharing and suggesting and doing it again and again.