Seems to me that one of the issues we have on our path to improved performance across all dimensions of THPL (Life, Learning and Fitness) is knowing what you need to know when (or before) you need to know it.  We have, each of us, I am certain, used information that someone else shared with us to execute better.  It could be as simple as a buddy telling you of Uber so that you could more effectively find a taxi in a more efficient, app driven way.  Or it could be a buddy telling you of a new running trail that has the feeling of being on vacation.  And there is always the suggestion to eat quinoa for a healthy dose of natural anti-inflammatory phytonutrients.   

All of these ideas have come to me from others who have found their way to their THPL “secrets” and “insights”.  And so to get all of us to accelerate our path to improved THPL performance the ask is that we each work more actively to share these “secrets” more regularly with your fellow THPL community members (friends included).  When we do this it will be much easier to get better and better more quickly.  What’s not to like about that!
Loving life when friends are making me smarter