Sharing Info and Stuff

 One of the great aspects of the THPL is that you need a good amount of stuff along the way.  Books to read, equipment for activities, gear, toys, tablets, smart devices, you name it and we need it.  And over time you outgrow the capabilities of what you have and you need the latest version, the newest product, the first release so that you can use it to maximize your performance, improve your learning, and live THPL.  I have found, over the years that there are two aspects to this part of THPL that are integral to the effectiveness of the experience.  The first relates to knowing what is “better”, “recommended”, “the best”. And the second is re-using the stuff that you have outgrown (and usually not trashed).  And to live THPL it is important that on each of these elements you “give “ and you “get” and you make a commitment to do both.

On the topic of best, better and recommended, we are in the best sense of the idea, novices and experts at the same time.  It all depends on where we are in the learning process.  But regardless of our state, we should be researching what you need to know to do better and sharing what you learned along the way.  This social commitment to others who have a similar interest to you is critical to THPL. It allows for optimization of time, creates efficiency, and reduces lost effort (which is different from learning through failure).  There is nothing more exciting than to hear about new ways of doing an activity, the best book to read or a new piece of gear that changes the game (eg.  Aerogel is a new material for outerwear that is 6x warmer than Down and is being put into new tech gear to keep you really warm on a cold day).  I ask that as you find out new and interesting info that you share it actively.  Do not just wait till someone asks – send info around, post it on Facebook, tell your friends to tell other friends.  There is nothing like a recommendation from someone who is living THPL alongside you

On the topic of re-use.  Our consumption mindset and the ever present Amazon superstore, can make it all  too easy to “buy and throw away”.  THPL wants us to do better than that.  And so I ask that you think about how you can re-use the stuff you have – who do you know who is a newbie to your endeavor – who might not have read your favorite book? Who could use a rope, a bike, a piece of gear.  We as the recipient should not consider it charity or used – but – rather as a better way to accomplish what you are setting out to do.  What’s better than maximizing your resources and leveraging what others and you have learned and have.  And to be sure, you get to play both roles here – giver and receiver. I know this – we collectively have enough “stuff” we just need to make sure it is properly distributed. 

Have fun with this one – commit to sharing info actively, to reusing and distributing regularly, and to living THPL in its most basic and life affirming way.

Greetings from Saint Louis – the birthplace of the Sally challenge (at least for me ).  And so it only appropriate to get it done tonight – 3:26+20 seconds and 230 pushups on the 4:17 song.   A good night indeed.

Loving life west of the Mississippi