Sharing with Others

We just spent, each of us, a bit of time reflecting on what we were able to accomplish in the first half of 2014.  And for many of us the goals we are tracking are about improving our own performance.  We know this is good for us and for our community and so we continue apace and head into this second half of the year with a positive spirit and a push to achieve our goals. 

Maybe, though, the second half of 2014 starts with an opportunity. Can we take it to another level?  How about we all add one more goal to our list of what we want to accomplish in 2014.  What if we all put time into sharing our skills, experience, and knowledge with others who we know (and some who we have yet to meet).  I bet that life would be different for you and for the receiver of your “gift” to them.  Give your time, make it a priority and watch how great things come of it.  I bet you might find more reward from sharing and supporting than for you own personal performance.

Loving life, and looking forward to the second half of 2014