Should you or shouldn’t you?

I have put in a lot of miles this year, and the prior year and the year before that.  Biking, running, etc.  Sometimes when on a training activity something goes awry, a bike fall, the turn of an ankle, a bump or a bruise, maybe even a broken bone.  And so when this happens the question is what to do.  I am sure there are many differing opinions, ones that range from total rest  - to that of working through the pain and the discomfort.  My version of THPL has me continuing on as long as can.  The pain is there to remind me not to get too crazy but it is not meant to be a deterrent.  And as I cannot proscribe for others how to think about the choices that they should make.  What I will tell you is that I have a different view from most of my peers.  For me an injury does not mean stop and let the wounded limb or muscle recover fully. To achieve the goals I have set for myself (and for 2013) I do not have that luxury.  And so depending on the severity of the injury I am pressed to find a way to work or train around it. So what I do ask myself is – what can I still do that won’t exacerbate the injury? For example, when I twisted my ankle I spend more time riding my bike. And when I pulled a tendon in my forearm I moved from pullups to pushups.  In all instances creativity and listening to my body were the secret to success and continuing to exercise while hurting.  I am sure there are a few people who are reading this are cringing, but my experience tells me that the affected part of your body heals quicker with this approach – largely because you are pushing healing blood and energy into the wound, and more importantly your attitude remains positive and forward leaning!

So THPL asks that you be open minded to what is possible and the next time give yourself a push and see what you can do while hurt.  I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised at what happens.

Loving life….. in spite of the fact that today I turned / rolled my ankle during a nine mile run.  I am working through it but be rest assured this slight issue is not going away easily but it will go away better than if I had just sat down and rested .