Snow and Ice

There are times when just the way you look at something is how you perceive it.  Once again it is our mindset that drives whether we think something is good or bad.  We know this and need to remind ourselves of the implications of such a situation because our perspective will form how we respond and will be how we advance our THPL cause.  We are all living this “perspective” issue right now; the weather is putting us through a lot of tests - “snow and ice” for one, it is a tough topic for many adults and yet it makes quite a few kids very happy.  Think about it, a ski resort, a frozen pond, or a local ice climbing spot and “snow and ice”, are exactly what you want to find when you get there.  On the other hand, when you bring snow and ice to our local roads, to our highways, to sidewalks, you find out that snow and ice have very little functional value, in fact they have caused many more issues than one could imagine.  School delays, flight delays, traffic holdups, all contribute to frustration and a test of one’s THPL soul.  If you can master your perspective amidst a seemingly benign outside influence, that has such potential to be destructive you can use and will take your THPL to the next level.  The secret is to learn all about it as you grow up

Loving life and shoveling the snow out of way