Snow in May?

In life patterns form and we get used to them.  Patterns provide both risk and opportunity.  Risk because when we build a pattern, one that does not change, we can get numb to what goes on around us and we can miss things that we need to notice (feedback, mistakes, etc). On the opportunity side the pattern can allow us to get better and better at what we do – we can be an expert if we repeat a process again and again and it can be fun to be really good at something.    So today when it started snowing outside I realized that the weather pattern that I was counting on in the middle of May, to get warmer and warmer, was being broken.  And what was fascinating was how many people noticed the weather – it was the talk of the office and afterwards.  The pattern that we are used to was broken and we noticed.  It is an indicator of what is possible, that is, we can indeed be aware of what goes on around us with the right context.

I like the idea that the weather in unpredictable.  It keeps us alert.  And this is a good skill to have – THPL needs us to be alert because as we try new things we must open our senses to what is around us.  We need to be able to react to a situation and to do something with it.  When the weather changes like this we know what to do – what gear we need, what behaviors to have.  If we can build this sense and respond skill into our life then we will be able to use this capability again and again. And so, next time it snows in May you should think not only about the fact that it is not supposed to snow, nor only about whether you should run outside or not  - you should think about what else is not supposed to be happening around me and what am I going to do about it?  And by answering the question you practice yet another skill required on the journey to THPL.

Loving Life, no snowballs required