So What is Your Secret?

I am sure that everyone in the THPL community knows “their method” to get to high performance. This is great – the key is sticking to the plan, the technique, the execution. But high performance is an ever increasing standard – it matters none whether it be Life, Learning or Fitness – in each aspect of THPL we continue to find ways to do better, to do more, to raise the bar on performance.  And so, it might be that the way to get there, effectively, is to look to others in the THPL community for their “secrets”.  What is it that they did to break through the barriers to move to the next level to achieve more than previously thought possible?  Well here goes – a few thoughts to trigger your thinking to extend how you go about raising the bar on your performance:

  1. Train, or hangout, with people who are faster than you, who know more than you do, who have more experience than you
  2. Create training (learning and life) plans with purpose – don’t just train to check a box
  3. Read a lot about what other successful people are doing
  4. When it hurts go harder or further
  5. Nutrition is as important as activity – it effects mood as well as performance
  6. Only make commitments if you are going to keep them
  7. Decide today what you are going to do tomorrow, tomorrow what you are going to do next month and next month what you are going to do next year
  8. Measure everything – number of pages read, hours volunteered, miles run – how did you use your 168 hours this week?
  9. Find ways to make high performance fun – it should be hard but it should not feel like work.
  10. Ask yourself – do I live for high performance?  What am I willing to sacrifice to get to my goal and then beyond.

Yesterday, I realized that THPL is in each and every one of us – we just have to have the strength to reach in, grab it and do something with it.  De Jainera proved that – now let’s do her proud and do the same thing.  So, time to create your own list, share it broadly, challenge each other and bring this THPL community to another level. 

Loving life thinking that THPL is going to the next level