So what speed do you live at?

A few days have passed since our first Max / Max challenge and I have heard from many of you about the interesting challenges that you each embraced.  An impressive array of challenges, activities, and perseverance to get done what each THPL member took on.  And it is very encouraging to see THPL has such a broad impact.  What is special is that days like Saturday differentiate themselves from the, day to day,way that we learn and live and they push us past old limits to new standards for how we can live.  

Our daily view of THPL is to live to a prescribed pace, where set normal daily goals, we measure progress in reasonable increments and we work to keep the cadence active.  Then we have moments, days, opportunities to push to a different speed, a different limit.  It is the foundation of the days that lead up to the Max / Max day that make it possible.  It is choosing to live THPL that allows us to go at a different speed when we choose to do so.  And since living takes more than one speed you now know what is possible and that you can indeed do more than you think you can.  So, let’s all plan for the next challenge and then orient our THPL to get ready for it. 

Loving Life at my own speed