Something Different

Friday night – the weekend is ahead.  Most likely we all have some part of the weekend planned and a bunch of time not scheduled.  Experience tells us that THPL works best when we are using our time optimally.  The question then to ask ourselves is how are we going to use our time this weekend? Will we just do the same thing as usual?  Or might we try something different, something new?  I am sure that many of us have heard of muscle confusion as a key technique in working out – the idea is to disrupt our normal workout pattern to force the body to build and improve.  We do respond well to new circumstances. 

The question then to each of us is what are we going to do differently this weekend?  Can you come up with a list?  How about we all take on a challenge to do something or many things differently this weekend.  Write it down and then look at the list on Monday and see how you did.  Are you feeling better for it?  If not, then why not?  Use this as a challenge to yourself as to how you are going to live your THPL life in Technicolor.  The more you do, the more different things you do, the better your life gets – give it a try you need to find out for yourself.  Something different for sure!

Loving life and all things different


                Joey G