Sometimes...Progress is Fleeting.

I know you are all still at it -keeping it quiet, I understand. This challenge teaches a lot of lessons.  progress is fleeting - today I only got to 2:14 (lost 11 more seconds) - could not do that one last push to get back to 2:25 - but that is ok - it just means this is going to take a while.  I like that…..surprise, surprise. In endurance events I often (ever time) tell myself  - get used to it “boy” you are going to be here a while.  Then all is well - accept the challenge, the burden, the opportunity and do something with it.  We are fortunate to even have the chance to do this every day.  It is a blessing so we must make the most of it.

Of course I will, as we all will, listen to each others adventures and accomplishments.  And so I tell all that today was my “test” race - 10 miles in hilly Central Park NY - today I was to find out if all of those treadmill miles could translate to open road speed.  Long story shortened.  Yes, they did.  total time 1:07:44 - 6:46 pace - 33rd out of 500 - 2nd in age group.  It hurt so nice.  

 More to come - highs and lows but always in the game.

Loving life, that is all.