Spirit of the Marathon II

THPL, as we know, is certainly not a mainstream way of living. It pushes us to do more, to think differently and to seek out opportunities that challenge every element of Life, Learning and Fitness.  And what I like is that from time to time you can happen upon something that you would not ordinarily be aware of, that you go and do because you are thinking THPL.  Tonight across the U.S was a one night showing, at 7 pm, of the premier of a documentary movie called Spirit of the Marathon II. It is a running adventure film that examines the impact that the marathon has on people’s lives.  This movie, set in Rome (the first one was set in Chicago) chronicles the personal journey of seven athletes from around the world who descend on Rome to run the iconic streets of one of the world’s great cities.   The movie had a nice balance of human stories and running moments to keep it interesting.  It certainly makes the marathon feel both accessible and hard at the same time and I can imagine that the few people (yes, it is a bit sad that so few people came to this movie) in the theater tonight left more interested in running in a marathon.

And while here was limited interest in seeing the movie it was fun to see how many people were actually running in Rome.  The great thing about the marathon is that it is a truly accessible race.  Long enough that you have to put a serious training effort into it but also of a distance that with the proper training and attitude most everyone who sets out to do one can complete it.  As they stated in the movie, it really is great to see the faces of the participants as they cross the finish line.  Elation, relief, joy, happiness a lot of very positive emotions that all come out at the end of a personal journey to accomplish what might have not been expected.  No matter how many times you run the marathon from your first to your hundredth, there is always an amazing feeling when you cross the finish line. 

So, if you are looking to see THPL come alive, in the lives of regular people, then rent the movie when it comes out and enjoy watching it.  THPL does indeed proscribe a different way of living and we have now even found a way to include watching a movie in the journey that is THPL.

Loving Life and planning the next marathon