Starting Strong

Inertia, momentum, velocity, they all are words that we associate with forward progress, with positive energy and with the core themes of THPL.  And we know that there is a common theme across these words – that is, they require an energy source to “come to life”.  When you think about it, it is the force/energy that is applied (by you) that creates the inertia, maintains the momentum, and increases the velocity.  Given we know this, and given that the biggest risk to making THPL progress in 2014 is a lack of inertia and momentum we need to be more active in setting the context for success in 2014.  And this success is going to be driven by taking our goals and energizing them.  We need to talk about them every day; *even to ourselves.  We need to communicate what we are doing and see whomever else we can get to work the momentum game with us. The start of the year matters and the idea of staring strong is critical to our overall 2014 THPL success.  So, think about how you are going to put in the effort to build momentum, create inertia and the take it to the next level (with velocity).  Frequent and consistent involvement, effort, and practice will be crucial to success.  So, let’s make this our year to start strong.  No time like the present.  Let’s go for it.

Loving life especially with a strong start to 2014



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