Stay Accountable


Month one of 2014 is done, in the record books, so did you meet your goals for the month?  How did you do relative to your commitments?  THPL is, for sure, about improving your performance and to do so you need to start with goals, and then you need to get out there and do what you committed to and then, of course, measure your progress.  All sounds quite easy…… 

Well it appears, from random conversations with THPL community members that some of us might have not reached the goals we set for ourselves.   Not surprising at one level, understandable even, but maybe, just maybe instead of letting the “miss” be dismissed, might we think about taking the bold step to examine our progress and see how we did and why we either reached or did not reach our commitments.  And for some of us we need to ask the question, why is it that we are not holding ourselves to the commitments we made?  It might take being brave to look hard at what you did and then figure out what change it will take to get back on plan – the recovery process starts when we write down what we have done and then comparing to our goals.  How did you do?   Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of our commitments and to have a good process to stay accountable, we are better off acknowledging that there might be reasons for “not doing” and then work around them.  The journey is tough but the path is clear.  Time, it would seem, will resolve all - but to be true to yourself first, it is at the end of the day all we have…….   

Loving life and ready for my next challenge


photo: Jentien Pan