Staying Fit and Healthy


For those of THPL it is likely that you have spent most of the summer in pursuit of a high level of fitness. Whether it be a great performance in a race, a personal best in an event, or a new sport that you took up, I am sure it all came as a result of hard work and pushing yourself to the limit. And so, as Labor Day weekend approaches and the nice weather is soon to be a thing of the past it is probably a good time for a bit of reflection on the gains that you have made and a focus on how to keep the motivation high for exercising. 
We know why we exercise - we get benefit from being fitter, stronger, faster.  It helps us in all aspects of our life.  But it is also important to know that we should embrace smart training by knowing our limits and pushing hard only when you know you are ready.  And since you have most likely pushed yourself hard this summertime it is time to give the body a rest.  To give it adequate time to recover from the  significant stress that you have put it under.  And thus the recovery and building phase is about to begin.  In THPL this is an important a phase as was the hard work.  It might even be harder mentally because doing less seems like the opposite of what you are and are built to do.
And so here it is the moment to decide if you want to stay fit and healthy.  If you do, you will think about how to recover, how to make the physiological adaptation to occur and how to enjoy this time of less intensity.  It will work, THPL know it will.  Time to take the challenge and recover, build and grow stronger than before.  Enjoy it as it is meant to be enjoyed
Loving life and getting ready for the recovery time