Staying interested

Seems that the hard problem on the path to high performance is not having the ability to achieve more – rather it is an issue of focus and follow through.  And the irony is that we know what the issue(s) are that make it hard to stay true to our version of THPL.   There are many techniques that can contribute to sticking to our plan but one worthy of consideration relates to finding someone else who you can connect too during your endeavors.  One thing we know is that having someone else care about you and your goals makes you want to try harder and to succeed.  It is regularly known that it is motivational to be able to show someone else what you are capable of.  And lastly, when your “partner” has high expectations for you, your level of responsibility and accountability rise proportionately.  It all comes together for you to deliver on your goal of improving your performance and sticking to your own version of THPL.  So go out and find that “person” who becomes your THPL partner – you will both be better for it.

Loving life when I am connected to others who care.