Summer Breeze

What is it about the warm air of summer that settles the soul?  You can stroll along at a different pace when you feel it.  It seems to have a somewhat magical effect on us.  Not sure that I can explain it but it is clear to me that it is a universal feeling.  More people are out on the streets, more smiles, and more relaxed faces.  When you hear people say, wow it really is nice out today, you perk up.  And in our convenience culture we seem to find, on days like this, more people walking and enjoying time outside, away from the “fake” air we spend all too much time in.  

There are some times when THPL is explicit, it drives us in a direction and it brings us to new levels of performance.  Then there are times like today, when the summer breeze brings out what is implicit, an inner feeling that is really always there, we just need something to bring it out.  There is no better time to stay outside than now and to appreciate all that is around us.  Just enjoy it as it is the best palliative  which nature can provide us.  Take a few extra doses, it will do your heart and soul a world of good.

Loving life, and the feeling of the summer breeze on my face……