For five days this past week I was in South Beach, Miami Florida.  And every morning like clockwork I saw the most magnificent sunrise as the sun came up over the horizon, rising from the Atlantic Ocean as if it was exploding out of the water.  Then in a fleeting moment – it was if the heavens opened and accepted this stunning portrait of power, and energy and life.  Before long the sun was high in the sky and the sunrise moment over.   And as I woke today to clouds and only ambient light I reflected on what was it that made that South Beach sunrise so captivating.  Why was it that I just felt better waking up to such a sight?  Could it be that a sunrise, in all its glory, is a visual metaphor for energy, new ideas, big thinking, and inspiration. And that when we have that kind of “visual “fuse” it literally lights our soul on fire and we implored to act and do. The challenge then, is, how do we create this same feeling on the days that there is no bright sunrise?   We can’t just wait for magic to happen.  And from this we realize that the answer lies inside each of us to find our THPL sunrise, maybe not every day, but more often than not.  Be active, Find the feeling and then use your internal energy to create your own sunrise.  It is worth the effort, for sure. 

Loving life, with my daily sunrise!