Sitting in my room on the 39th floor of the Hilton in San Francisco I watched in awe as the sun set, officially, at 8:30 pm PST.   I was struck by the beauty and the spectacular way that the suns rays painted across the skyline a view that was as inspiring as it was unique.  Captivated by the visual, I took a moment to reflect and appreciate the view that I had.   I thought for a moment about Sunset – “the time when the sun goes below the horizon in the evening”.  The Webster’s dictionary definition clearly does not capture the essence of the feeling that one gets (as I did) watching a sunset when we transition from day to night. 

It would seem, then, that there needs to be a much richer definition for a sunset – one that brings to the fore the feeling that one gets only when they see the sun setting.  How about this – Sunset – the confluence of the radiance of light beams, and the saturation of colors, accompanied by a series of shadows cast on the landscape creating an ethereal aura lasting only a few moments before the sun slips away to get ready to greet our neighbors on the other side of the earth. 

Using this definition I truly have something that I can look forward to you.  So, next time you have a chance, do watch the sunset and then make up your own definition for sunset and how it made you feel and how it made you appreciate all that you have.

Loving life, and a daily sunset