Super Bowl Sunday

Keeping this one short and sweet as most of us are overloaded by the ads, the game, the announcers etc.  Here are three takeaways from the game that have lessons embedded in them that apply to THPL.

  1.  The Weather – the decision to play the game without a dome in the northeast brought with it the reality that is living life outside.  So much worry about the weather and what might be.  Real life, real challenge, take place in the “house” of Mother Nature.  It is the unpredictability, the elements, the challenge that makes for interesting times.  THPL is played outside – so should the big games.
  2. Excellence – yes, there probably is way too much money spent on this game but you have to admire and be impressed with the precision, the quality, the thoroughness given to how the Super Bowl is put on.  We have all come to expect the highest level performance.  So, when you are given the opportunity to put on a show – think Super Bowl.  It is a benchmark for all.
  3. Talent – when you play at this level, the talent is awesome the real difference is execution.  The skills, plays, capabilities – they are all at relative parity.  On game / race day – it is execution, tenacity, passion that make the difference – the winner just wants it more.  Another great THPL lesson…..

Loving life on the big day!