Superbowl Sunday

Superbowl Sunday – an interesting day for so many reasons.  Most people love it – what’s not to love, lots of food, great entertainment, friends getting together, a good game (and it was today)…..for many the makings of a “perfect” day.  Then there is a small minority of people who find sitting around and watching a game odd and counter to how they think and operate. Some might even say that I could fall into that category.  On this point no one is right or wrong we are just different.  Those of us who would prefer not to sit and watch have some form of “control freak” in them –  people who demonstrate these traits work like crazy, exercise a lot, and try to over perform – all because they know that when they do this they are in control and can influence the outcome.  And I believe this is a great way to live, full stop.  That stated, and reflecting on the activities of the day I am led to the conclusion that becoming an observer – not the doer – is a good thing to try -  I think there might be something to be said for the fact that every once in a while it is good to cede control, it is good to watch, it is good to appreciate what others can do.  It will feel weird, not natural, maybe even a bit uncomfortable.  And this is a good thing. The saying “you don’t know what you have till you lost it” might be validated or you might just find that you can enjoy being the passenger.  So, I suggest that even if it was not today, you should cede control from time to time. Let someone else drive the car, let someone else talk at the meeting, watch others perform – just step back and be part of the activity, not the center of it.  Yes, every once in a while it is OK for us to “ride the elephant” and trust that all will work out just fine.

FWIW - I do not recommend dancing with Sally after a Superbowl - that really hurts.  I hit the ground as the song ended.  157 pushups after.  Time for bed.  Early wake up call.

Still loving life

Hope you had a great day!