Surprise and Delight

There are many a day when we think about THPL and the focus is on ourselves.  We work hard to improve in the areas of Our Life, Our Learning and Our Fitness.  And this is essential to THPL – we have to start and end our day focused on ourselves because we need to make our personal pillars strong.  While sounding seemingly selfish, in fact, if you do not have a good feeling about yourself – if your “power” is low, if you are unfocused, then it will be difficult for you to serve others and to do so in such a way that has meaningful impact.  So, yes, take care of yourself first, your family and friends second and then all else after that.  

OK, let’s assume then, that you have this first step covered, that indeed you are doing well.  What’s next?  Well seems to me that THPL needs more than ourselves to be fully realized – we need to reach out beyond ourselves and we need to see how we can bring the same level of focus on others – friends, family, acquaintances and yes, even strangers.  As a long time retailer I put this focus on others in the category of “surprise and delight”.  That is, the opportunity where you get to exceed expectations, to let them know you are there and to show them how impactful even the smallest of gestures can be.  Surprise and delight can be as simple as holding the door open for a stranger and can grow larger and bigger from there.

OK, remember the THPL motto – dream it, plan it, practice it, do it.  Use it as the template for your “surprise and Delight” moments.  If you have a hard time on the Dream it phase –then just think about what you would like done to yourself.  Plan should be easy once you know what you need to do.  The Practice  takes many forms – you can use strangers, friends, or even yourself to test it on.  And the Do phase is the best – you will get so much back from doing it that you will be happier than the person who received your gift of “surprise and delight”. 

I could write more about how THPL relates to “surprise and delight” but I think it is far too easy for you to take this one and run with it.  Start using it – you will be better for it and so will the recipient.

Loving life, that’s all