Surprisingly Hard

You should fully expect that if you choose to pursue THPL, there will be a time, and mostly likely more than once, that someone tells you to take it easy, to take a day off, to slow down, and to not do so much.  And there are instances when this is indeed actually very good advice.  The mind, the body, the soul, all need rest from time to time to recover or rebuild.  And for those of you who are on the THPL journey, you know this is indeed the right thing to do – it makes sense, full stop. …….. And then reality hits…….

What happens is that you come to find that your mind, and body, and the way that you live, have you in a state of constant readiness, of such preparedness that it is harder to doing nothing than to do something, to do anything……and so the struggle begins to figure out how to do the “right” thing.  Ironically, I might add, when someone gives you the advice to “take it easy” they are not thinking about recovery for you, rather they just want you to do less.  So if you do take their advice – make sure you do it for the right reason – not just because someone told you to do so.  OK, back to the point – you have, as an active THPL person found a way to overcome challenges in the past and so now you need to use the same technique and tactic to change behavior (and this is good as it is yet another skill you master) on this challenge.  So, you should go back to what worked, writing down goals„ telling others what you are going to do (or not do), and focusing on maximizing your potential (rest is part of how to do this) – each of these tactics force you to be accountable – to yourself and to your THPL journey.  Knowing our personality type allows us to hold ourselves accountable and we will benefit as a result.

And so this post is purposeful, well it is for sure for four people who will be riding in the Penn Foster Choose to Be More Bike Tour.  We start in earnest on Thursday for three days, three hundred miles.  We cannot get any faster or fitter in the next 24 hours.  What matters is that we stay healthy and ready to go on Thursday.  So, I write this as a reminder to us that being a bit antsy, burning up and ready to go because we are doing less for a few days is a good thing.  Yes, a good thing indeed.  This THPL journey sure does challenge you – and in ways sometimes not expected.  I guess that is what we love about it……

Loving life and ready to go ride