It has been years since I went out on a Friday night to hang out and have a beer.  No good reason except that I do not drink beer now and no one I know goes out on Friday (you are supposed to laugh ).  And so I was thinking about the TGIF ceremony that for quite some time was a weekly ritual.  All week long we would talk about where to go on Friday, who was going, who was buying etc.?  Anticipation built and by the time the proverbial 5 pm bell rang we were off to the crowds of like people who all had a similar view of how to end the week. 
I am sure that most of us remember the fun moments hanging out, the camaraderie and horseplay that transpired.  All in good spirit we endeavored to have fun and invariably we would even talk about what we would do on the next Friday.  And when the night was over, or the morning rolled in, and we left the protection of the “corner pub” we meandered home knowing that the week was over and Saturday was ready and waiting.  Yes, sometimes, we did work Saturday and maybe even Sunday but it always seemed, even if it was just ceremonious, that the week was over and we were free and clear till Sunday night came and we headed into Monday morning ready to do it all again. 
It took me quite a few years to realize that the TGIF moment was a really important moment in the week.  And it really did not have anything to do with the beer and apps (well, all right a little).  My own reflection tells me that it was really about the transition from one mindset to another.  Maybe from work to play, maybe from work to family or maybe even from work to work.  Regardless, it was, and is an important time in the week when you actively make a shift to a different mental state.  For a short moment you put your mind in neutral while you transition – it allows you to be better prepared to start what you are doing next. I find that, missing this step and not allowing for this transition moment can make you out of synch with whomever you join up with later on Friday or over the weekend.  Your cadence is different, your mental state different and your interest different.  What I have found is that when two people have not synched up, there is a high risk of conflict and misunderstanding.  In this state THPL is compromised.  And so it might just be that to avoid this out-of-alignment situation that you should build in an “active” transition from one life / circumstance to the other.  Your transition activity could be a TGIF bar moment, it could be a run around the park, it could be a 30 minute read, it really is anything that you like to do that breaks the pattern built up over the previous five work days.  To really make your transition time most effective, it helps when you take the time to explain to others the reason and rationale for your behavior. 
Living THPL requires a level of introspection, understanding, action and nuance that when embraced make all the difference in the world.  The TGIF moment is an example of what we find out when we go beyond the obvious to operate differently.  And so by doing you end up with a really different and better outcome.
TGIF indeed…
I wonder if I would have kept the streak alive were I to be in the bar every Friday?  Doubtful - so I do it in earnest now to make up……
Sally again, nice thing is she never says no to a dance.  Can’t say I had the same good fortune in my bar filled nights - you live and you learn.  Got to the end and added 30 seconds.  Then 197 pushups on 4:17, a nice finish to the week.
I hear that THPL is getting some mention outside the Blog, now that is really cool
Loving Life a TON