Thank You

Two very simple words and with them the power to recognize, acknowledge, and show gratitude for another person and the action that they took.  The power comes from the human connection that is made when these words are used in an authentic manner.  We all know that when you do something for someone else that they appreciate it.  And we also know that the explicit acknowledgment when someone says thank you makes the appreciation real.  Even stoic, self-motivated THPL  community members like to hear “thank you”.  And so a few thoughts on the topic of “thank you”

You need not wait for someone to give you something to say thank you – you can say thank you to others whenever you deem them in need of an acknowledgement. 

If you are given a compliment – please say thank you – it is the right thing to do

The art of saying “thank you” is something that we get better at over time.  It lays the foundation for a positive, warm, and welcoming day.  Appreciation of family, friends, and life in general helps not only yourself, but those around us - it makes us better humans.  Thank you!

Loving Life and thank you for reading!