The 1000 Club

High performance comes in many shapes and sizes.  The four minute mile, an Olympic gold medal, science fair ribbons, they are just a few examples of results, as measured, that show a level of talent, preparation and execution that are recognizable by all as performing at another level.  And so it was that tonight I was able to be part of a celebration of high performance at Penn Foster.  The annual 1000 club dinner was held to recognize the admissions counselors who enrolled more than 1000 students into Penn Foster programs in 2013.  A remarkable feat when you think about the practical implication of what these individuals did over and over- they guided and supported “dreamers”, cajoled and sponsored them, and gave them confidence that the dreams they had to use education to change their lives were worth chasing.

The level of exquisite execution required for each of the counselors to enroll students more than 1000 times in a year is nothing short of remarkable.  Looking at the team tonight and hearing their stories it is clear that we were there to celebrate high performance in their context.  The counselors, each modest to a fault…..are drivers, they had plans, lived and loved to be measured and celebrated when done was associated with a successful enrollment   In the crazy world, that we live in, it was quite satisfying to see that the goal was delivered with aplomb, mixed with spirit, and topped with a dose of “you can do this”. And as each “high performer” received their recognition a growing theme of modesty emerged.  Just doing my job….that was the retort.  No, not true – delivering on this level of performance is not just “doing my job” – it is achieved when special people decide that they want to create special results  - to a person they decided that it’s not ok to be good enough, they have a responsibility to prove that we can all do more than previously thought possible.  Tonight THPL = the 1000 club.  What a magical feeling ….proud to be part of this amazing group of high performers. 

Loving life while hanging with the 1000 club