The $3 ticket to the Top of the World

I have watched a lot of Ted videos and it is rare that I do not like them.  And at the same time it is also getting harder for some of the videos to stand out.  There are so many remarkable people telling their stories that remarkable becomes a bit normal in this crowd.  And while there is indeed more parity amongst the stories and the videos, there are still quite a few that are captivating and connected in theme to THPL.  As such it still is worth dedicating a few minutes (or 18 as the case may be with this video) to watching them.  In this case the Tedx video is about Paul and Denise Fejtek.  On May 23, 2010 they reached their seventh and final summit of the Seven Summits, the highest mountain peaks on each of the seven continents.  And while this is a unique accomplishment in itself, the story gets better.  Paul has been named the most Inspirational Athlete of the Year for the work that he has done with the Challenge Athletes foundation.  It comes from his own personal story of living with a disability and finding ways to overcome the limitations that might ordinarily prohibit people from taking on challenges.   

The message is that you can make an impact in your own life by committing to important goals and dreams and working actively to make them happen.  Watch the video and I am sure you will see a lot of parallels between THPL and Paul’s world view.  Very interesting, compelling and exciting.

Loving life and inspired by others.