The Beauty that is Around Us

For as many years as I can remember National Geographic has represented in picture and story some of the most beautiful landscapes, wildlife, communities, and urban and rural settings that are to be found on our planet.  It would be hard to look at Nat Geo in print, online or on TV and not want to find a way to visit some of the places that they have captured for our viewing pleasure.  And so when I had the chance to look at the National Geographic Year in Review, I was blown away by the beauty of the stunning pictures. 

I was captivated and subsequently motivated to figure out ways that I could go out and find similar adventures, adventures that could tell a story without words, an adventure story that had deep meaning and real impact, an adventure story that would stay with me for the rest of my life.  So, if you are looking for inspiration, ready to find a new place to visit or just be captivated by the beauty that is around us, spend some time checking out the Nat Geo year in review 2013 – it will be worth the time, for so many reasons.

Loving life and planning my next adventure



Photograph by Ryan Deboodt, National Geographic Your Shot