The Best Pizza

As the story goes, a number of years ago, Kimberly asked me to take her to the best pizzeria in NY City.  And while I had my ideas of the best pizza in NY I decided to check the “best of” list for NYC. So I looked at Yelp and Google and the more I searched the less clear it got.  There was really no consensus for the best pizza.  A bit surprised, but undaunted, I took her to John’s of Bleecker St. in the Village and we had some great brick over pizza.  It was crisp, full of bright flavors and very simple – in essence it was perfect!  Which brings me to the intersection of Life and Learning.  We know that on the THPL journey we are seeking the right elements that bring Life to a new level.  So, yes, the “best” pizza would be one way to do that.  But to find the “best” we need to bring more to the equation.  We need to know the building blocks of great pizza. And with a little effort we find out that the four elements are dough, tomatoes, cheese and the oven. In this case they have one of the best ovens in NYC – built in 1929 their 850 degree brick oven cannot be matched.  They use the freshest tomatoes and a thin crust and what’s not to love?   The cheese gooey and earthy.  And there you have it - on my THPL journey I characterize John’s as the best pizza.  Can you find your version of the best?

Loving life, pizza in hand