The Big Day

The Christmas season is just about coming to a close.  For as many years as I can remember it has been a time for traditions, for family, to revisit the spiritual, to be social, and yes be commercial.  And it does seem interesting that with a few exceptions it is a time when the THPL community gets on to the same basic track as the larger community we are part of.  We all gear up for months getting ready for December 25th and the way that we will each choose to celebrate it.  And even though there are a lot of risks in the “over commercialization” that can occur at this time of year I offer that there are a lot of really good things going on that deserve acknowledgment and a bit of reflection. 

  • From the luncheons, to the cookies being made and shared, to the parties and the meet up’s there are few times during the year when we spend time with each other just enjoying the moment and the company and the positive spirit that comes with these activities.  There are more smiles at this time of year than any I can think of.
  • Yes, we shop too much and spend too much but underlying the “buying” is the process of focusing on people who mean something to you.  You think about them, you desire to make them happy and you are delighted when your efforts are spot on and your gift, no matter how small, hits the mark.
  • We learn a lot at this time of the year.  We find out what is important to us. What do we look forward to and what might we want to change.  We know from our THPL journey that the life we seek has strong footings in tradition, while at the same time finding better ways for how to live.  It is yet another time where we can build confidence in what works and then parlay it into living the “right” way throughout the year where our THPL community would grow in active and subtle ways with all of us benefiting. 

With less than a year till we start this process all over it is worth considering how we can take the best of what we learn at this time of year and make it integral to how we live.  We need to look forward with the benefit of what we love and know and to make it indeed a time of year that transcends “the big day” and becomes what  It is after all THPL

Loving life and Christmas time for sure