The Black Hole


Have you ever heard someone tell you “it went into a black hole”.  We know what it means – Something is gone and it is not coming back.  And current science believes this to be true – albeit, hard to prove, as you would have to go into a black hole to confirm this and since you are obliterated by a black hole you would never come back.  But rather than a serious scientific discussion I think that today’s blog needs to be about a suggestion, a piece of advice, here goes……..

To live THPL, to stay on the THPL journey, to accomplish more than dreamed possible requires a plan and diligence, follow through and accountability (to yourself).  And if we find ourselves one day allowing the “black hole” excuse to take root we need to act quickly as it essentially means we are giving up our dream and giving up shot at living THPL.   Most of the time if something (your plan) ends up in the “black hole” it is because we let it go there (and it is not coming back).  If you hold onto your plan, and this means executing on it day after day, then you avoid the fate of the “black hole”.  It really is a matter of focus, execution and accountability.  So, please avoid the “black hole”, make no excuse, and keep living THPL – yes indeed…..

Loving life and staying away from black holes