The Blank Page

Every time I sit to write my blog post I start with a blank page of paper.  It could be perceived as a daunting task as there are no clues, no editorial calendar, and no set agenda.  Just a theme of THPL.  And so it goes each day - what should I write?  What if I cannot think of something? Will it be interesting? And each day I am motivated to just start typing - a very simple task and by the time I am done I have written a post that describes some element of the emerging topic that we call THPL.  An idea that is germinated, that becomes a post - from nothing - indeed.  It does demonstrate that we have amazing potential and when we choose to use it we can grow in the areas of Life, Learning and Fitness to create our own personal version of The High Performance Life. 

And so to focus on the blank page of paper is about being able to see that we have the capacity to turn that blank page into “something”, a message, a thought, an observation, a story….. And why is it so?  I think it “comes to be” because of a goal set, a motivation alive, a commitment to follow-thru and a true belief in the mission and oneself.  

The blank page is the metaphor for choices we make every day – do we fill it in or do we leave it blank?  While there might be equal reason for either choice there is clearly not an equal outcome.  I have long ago decided that if there was one last word in me that I had to fill in the page.  I could not leave it blank.  I suggest then that those who live in earnest pursuit of THPL live to fill in the blank page.  They / we are compelled for all the right reasons, to set a framework for success, and to provide the basis for self-believe and autonomy.  Confidence can do amazing things for one’s life and it comes from seeing what you can create with that blank page.  Give it a try – you will be happy you did.

Loving life while filling in the blank pages