The Day After

On the journey, that THPL suggests we engage in, there are moments of challenge and difficulty and to a person, and the focused THPL practitioner knows how to deal with these situations.  The less familiar moments, those when you hit a milestone, or a personal best, or a streak extended, however give us pause.  We are intellectually aware that we should stop and reflect on the accomplishment.  And we might even afford ourselves a moment to celebrate.  And this is all well and good, even if unpracticed.  What we are not ready for is what to do when reality hits – the reality that tells you the moment is over, the reality that does not have all of the emotion and energy associated with your prior mission, the reality that if left “to be” you will have a void that needs to be filled.  – But by what? That is the question…….

And so it is, the Day After, the proverbial moment of truth on your THPL journey.  You are left to answer the question - Do you reengage on the same path?  Do you set out with a new goal?  Do you take a break?  The key is to be active in your decision.  Reflect on what you have done and what you want to do next.  Take stock and define where to focus next.  Life, Learning, Fitness?  One?…All Three?  The bottom line is that the specific answer is less important than taking the time to develop the answer.  And that is what we are to do – keep moving forward, and while so doing make the plan for the next journey and then get to it.  Use a little of Dream it, Plan it, Practice it and Do it in the recipe and you will have developed a strong and purposeful path forward.  By so doing you will have created the next layer / foundation in what is essentially your true and authentic version of THPL

Loving life and getting ready for the next adventure