The Dunk Tank


THPL, for the most part, contemplates a more serious and purposeful tone as it guides us to new levels across the elements of Life, Learning and Fitness.  But if we are not careful we can become uni-dimensional and miss a whole lot of the other aspects of the Life element.  For our Life element to be high performance we also need to embrace humor, laughter, self-reflection, vulnerability and teamwork.  And today at our annual PF employee appreciation day many of us, me included, got to embrace these emotions head on as we sat on the edge of a platform waiting to plunge into the bowels of the dunk tank.  And plunge we did, twenty times in thirty minutes.  Down I went.  I think the group had an enormous amount of fun seeing me and others hit the water with a splash just to do it again. We can talk all we want but action indeed does speak louder than words and today we got to show to ourselves and our community that we do indeed know how to embrace Life – even if it is while being dunked.  What is your dunk tank? 

Loving Life now that I have dried off