The early start

There are many a day when we have the best of intentions to pursue our THPL interests and for some reason we are not able to follow through on our plans.  It could be that the job gets in the way, other commitments take precedence, or you just loose interest by day’s end.  Given the risk of not getting to your THPL mission it might be worth considering an early start to the day. Not the most creative thought ever posited in this blog but simple and easy can work.                                  

If you are able to start your day a bit earlier you will find that you have time to read, meditate, do exercise or just get going on a better path.  You might find that your early start allows you to meet your plans and objectives more often than you miss them.  You will find that since there are few people or demands of you or your time early in the morning that there is a feeling of liberation, freedom and empowerment.  Make the choice to start earlier a few times a week and you might just find that you like it and the THPL results that come of it.

Loving life when getting up early