The hard stuff is done

Simple blog post for today.  Tomorrow the Penn Foster Choose to Be More Bike Tour starts. Three days, five meet-ups with students, and three hundred miles of riding.  We start in Miami and with the weather prediction of 72-85 degrees nothing could be better.  And so it is with THPL – that getting to these moments is all about the preparation.  Planning, riding, communicating ), it all happened in the weeks and months preceding the Tour (the hard work). There were cold days and hilly rides and the best laid plans that needed to change -  but  - we are beyond all of that and so, tomorrow, in a sense, begins the “easy” part – I say easy because since we are prepared -  we just need to execute to our ability level and we will have a successful journey.  I am confident in the team and in the plan and with that I can rest easy tonight.

Tomorrow will bring remarkable moments – this we are sure of. Stay tuned as we will report back to you after day one is complete.

THPL in living color

Loving life, as always