The more challenging, the more satisfying to achieve.

Pat - nice work - love the story - you are truly a member of the team now!  We have also added Trish to the mix.  She is working it and is committed (as we all should be).

Got 2 seconds back today - 2:27 - sort of happy that I have not made it to the end.  There is something captivating about having to work really hard and long to get to the end of the song.  It is a tough journey - I do not want it to be easy.  I know that the harder it is the better the feeling will be at the end when I meet the goal.  

Looking forward to tomorrow night when I go head to head with Sally…..Bring it on!

And please do keep the stories and the times coming.  We know you are doing it - might as well tell your friends about it. 

Ya, Baby!