The Most American Companies

There have been years when we have all thought about Made in America as a message that brought with it pride, quality and high performance.  And I am sure that when we dig deeply we will find that indeed this theme still holds true.  Little did I know that when I was in Los Angeles a few weeks ago and I met with See’s Candies that I was meeting with one of the truly iconic, most American of companies.  Their 90+ year history, their dedication to quality, and their commitment to their customer is remarkable.  And when I read the July 7th Fortune magazine article “13 Most American Companies” I was pleasantly surprised to notice that See’s Candies was on the list.  Fortune set out to find companies that are diehard American.  One’s whose consumer products, operations, manufacturing and workforces were located entirely in the United States.  And the list is a great one where companies that see being American is their version of THPL.  Seriously, what could be better than having access to the best workforce, great natural resources and an entrepreneurial spirit.  A better combination could not be found – sort of like our focus on Life, Learning and Fitness.  “Made in America” still carries a lot of weight, as we would believe THPL will one day, it feels like to me that when you combine great elements together you really do make for a superior result. 

Loving life, and made in America