The Night Before the Ragnar

I am happy to report that PennFoster THPL team made it across the Canadian border without incident.   It was never in doubt but Carl’s passport picture did cause quite the stir.  We pressed on past the border patrol with a mission to find the proverbial preparatory ice cream at Dairy Queen.  Success! We found one at Exit 245 - nothing like a good Blizzard to set us up for some strong running tomorrow.

 And so now we settle in…. for me the night before a race has always been an interesting time.  Anticipation grows, a bit of nervousness sets in, and with the journey to get to the start nearly complete a sense of relief washes over me.  The big day is just a few hours away – at 9 am the PennFoster THPL team starts on a trek from Cobourg Ontario to Niagara Falls - 193 miles in total – five of us rotating, running for 28 or so hours, living out of our van and just flat out having fun with this adventure.  We all anticipate a few “moments” will occur; the unpredictability and challenge of this kind of race is what draws us in.   We are ready to run – nothing left to do now but to get a bit of rest and then hit the road . THPL will figure out a way to file our mid race blog post.  Till then know we are going to enjoy the journey and uphold the principals of THPL and Life, Learning, and Fitness.

Loving Life, for certain the night before