The opportunity

There are never a shortage of opportunities for learning how to improve one’s life / how we live.  We know that being part of the THPL provides us the “vision” for how to live better - it does by setting standards and connecting each of us to role models that show us how to “do it better”.  The other way is to leverage observation in, maybe, not such an obvious way.   

We are really good at watching and commenting on how others live - and in some cases we can see when others just do things wrong.  And, over time,  we get quite good at knowing how to point out the issues that others have.  It is interesting to realize that when this happens we have a real improvement opportunity presented to us.  It is at this moment when we can make the statement to ourselves that we are not going to replicate or repeat the bad behavior that we seeing play out. We create a resolve to improve by recognizing what not to do - this is the big win and we should seek out to use this approach as a platform for improvement in our lives.

Loving life especially when I am improving