The Other Way

The Other Way

What is an obstacle?  Webster’s tells me that it is “something that stands in the way or blocks progress”.  With that definition it would seem that we are bound to find quite a few obstacles in our lives and certainly on our THPL journey.  And what are we to do when we find an obstacle?  Does it stop us?  Or do we figure out a way around it?  THPL teaches us a lot and it feels like it makes us more prepared to find our way around obstacles.  It starts with an awareness that there might be an obstacle in the way.  Then you look at the alternatives and then you make an assessment as to the likelihood of the alternative.  And when you conclude you have an alternative you go for it.  No hesitation.  No regrets, just forward progress towards the goal. 

Today was one of those days.  Spring snowstorm in the Rockies made the prospect of crossing Vail pass risky.  The alternative drive the southern route adding 150 miles to Denver International.  Yes, the pass did get closed and yes we made it to our flights.  A long day but one that ended in success as the obstacle became only a variant on the theme of how to get there –not a reason not to make it there.  Seems there are many situations like this that warrant finding another way.  Ask yourself, what obstacle can I get around?  What will it take?  Then go and do it and the outcome will more than likely be what you want it to be, mission accomplished. 

Loving Life and always finding another way there